A fresh new course in 5 steps.

It's your menu. We can handle the entire process or help you out with bits and pieces. Build your custom learning experience - because it's time to do it right.

1. Find out what your participants really need

  • needs assessments,
  • literature reviews,
  • interviews,
  • stakeholder workshops,
  • surveys,
  • content research,
  • consult with subject-matter experts (SMEs),
  • delivery preferences.

2. Define learning outcomes

  • curriculum links,
  • organize course content,
  • knowledge, skills, & attitudes.

3. Develop a facilitator’s guide / lesson plan(s)

  • in-person or on-line,
  • use current, research-based instructional strategies (e.g. active learning,
    hands-on activities, case studies, problem-based learning)
  • participant assessments (e.g. worksheets, testing)

4. Pilot test & Final production

5. Track course feedback and update