We develop interactive learning experiences - such as courses - and everything that goes with them. Needs assessments, learning outcomes, lesson plans, pilot-tests, and all the worksheets, activities, case studies, presentations, and assessments that make your learning experience uniquely engaging.

We use modern, research-based educational practices and tools, offering a variety of delivery formats (i.e. print, web) and their graphic design.

>The Course Design Process

Case Study

Nova Scotia Community College needed a curriculum consultant to define the outcomes for a proposed beekeeping course.

Sprout conducted an e-literature review and consulted with industry stakeholders to define the knowledge, skills, and values future beekeepers should possess.

The result was a curriculum that represented the diversity of methods in the Maritime provinces while at the same time offering outcomes that have the potential to produce students who are competitive worldwide.


Government of Canada
-Environment Canada
-Parks Canada
-Transport Canada

Province of Nova Scotia & Other Provincial Governments
-N.S. Department of Education
-N.S. Department of Environment & Labour
-Council of Atlantic Premiers

Corporate, NGOs, Institutions
-Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)
-Clean Nova Scotia
-Pearson Higher Education
-Lantz Safety Training
-St. John Ambulance Nova Scotia
-Toronto Zoo
-Nature Canada
-Ontario Professional Foresters Association

>Project Details